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Why is aluminum hydroxide used as a cable filler?
 Time : 2020-01-15   Click :

1. Aluminum hydroxide filler has three functions of flame retardant, smoke elimination and filling in the cable. It has no secondary pollution during combustion, good heat stability, no toxicity, no volatilization, no corrosive gas, and less smoke. It is rich in resources, cheap in price, and can produce synergistic effect of flame retardant with various substances. It has good flame retardant effect and is known as pollution-free flame retardant at home and abroad. Its consumption accounts for more than 80% of inorganic flame retardants. The total amount of flame retardant is large.

2. The aluminum hydroxide filler can be used as the raw material of the cable. The influence of the mixing time of the organic material and the uniformity of the mixture on the properties of the wire and cable material is studied. The high thermal stability of the aluminum hydroxide filler is studied. The feasibility of a flame retardant.

3. Tests have shown that short mixing time and uneven mixing will affect the mechanical properties of aluminum hydroxide filler in wire and cable materials. Boehmite can be used as a flame retardant for high heat resistant wire and cable.

Therefore, the role of aluminum hydroxide filler is quite important for the cable. Many manufacturers will add a proper amount when producing the cable, so that it can be better applied.