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Aluminium hydroxide can also be widely used in the paper industry
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Although aluminum hydroxide is a substance with a strong basicity, it also has a certain acidity. From the application point of view, it can be divided into industrial-specific aluminum hydroxide and pharmaceutical-specific aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is a common and practical additive used as a flame retardant. It can hinder the burning of combustibles while not producing toxic substances by itself. Therefore, the application range from the beginning of thermoplastics, synthetic rubber, etc. to all walks of life. It is also quite practical in the paper industry.

At present, in the paper industry, when used for aluminum hydroxide, it can be effectively used as a coating or a filler for the surface layer, and then paper can be produced. Among them, aluminum hydroxide has been used earlier and used as a coating. Coating, used as a pigment, can be seen in the production of some paperboard or coated paper, and its use will continue to increase as the paper industry continues to grow. At present, it has become a new type of coating pigment, which is different from the ordinary pigment. Because the aluminum hydroxide has fine particle size, high whiteness, good crystal and good ink absorption, it tends to Used on some newspapers, banknotes, and dictionary paper.

The demand for aluminum hydroxide in the market is also constantly expanding. However, China's aluminum hydroxide production is relatively small, and many of them rely on imports. Therefore, domestic chemical plants still have to find ways to greatly increase the production of aluminum hydroxide. Moreover, economically, the shortage of funds will directly affect the market of aluminum hydroxide. Now the Chinese trading market has shown a state of fatigue, which will directly lead to an increase in the price of aluminum hydroxide in these exporting countries in Australia. If this state continues to occur, its price will continue to rise.