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What are the functions of polyaluminium chloride
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The function of polyaluminium chloride:

Polyaluminium chloride polyaluminium chloride is a new type of inorganic high polymer water treatment flocculant, which is accompanied by electrochemistry in the process of hydrolysis, and has strong bridge adsorption performance and cohesion capacity. The product is mainly used for the purification of domestic water, industrial water supply and industrial wastewater treatment, in papermaking, printing and dyeing, precision casting, sugar manufacturing, medicine, leather manufacturing, petrochemical and other industries It also has a wide range of uses.

usage method:

1. The dosage is different depending on the treated water. Generally, the dosage of feed water purification is about 5-100g / T for liquid products and 20-25kg / T for solids (calculated by commodity). It can be determined by beaker test.

2. The preparation can be directly added into the water, and the amount of water added can be determined according to the amount of water added and treated. After adding water, it shall be stirred evenly.

matters needing attention:

1. Water treatment chemicals of different manufacturers or brands shall not be mixed, and shall not be mixed with other chemicals.

2. The original solution and diluent are slightly corrosive, but lower than other inorganic coagulants.

3. Effective storage period of the product: half a year for liquid and two years for solid. Solid products can still be used after the tide.

4. After reasonable dosing, the purified water quality of this product meets the sanitary standard of drinking water