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The Extensive Usage of Aluminium Hydroxide
 Time : 2020-12-29   Click :

1. Aluminium Hydroxide is used as a thickener for ink.It is also used to manufacture various catalyst carriers.In addition, It is also used for waterproof fabric, paper filling, mordant, water purifier, Printing ink, painting pigment, crayon, rubber filling.

2. As a  flame retardantfiller, Aluminum hydroxide has the largest amount and most extensive application in inorganic flame retardant additive.When used alone, the dosage is generally 40% ~ 60%.As a flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide can not only be use as flame retardant, but also prevent smoke, do not produce droplets, do not produce toxic gas.Applicable to thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, coating, mining transport belt, mining air duct coating, rubber hose, carpet, rubber liner, PVC wire and cable material, wire and cable sheath, building materials, damping paste, damping board, electronics, etc.,It can give products flame retardant, smoke suppress, antistatic and other characteristics.

3. Aluminum hydroxide is used to manufacture various aluminum salts, enamel, ceramics, glassware, desiccant, adsorbent raw materials, but also used to prepare catalyst, desulfurizer, catalyst carrier, mordant and ion exchange agent.Aluminum hydroxide in 200℃ above began to dehydrate, release three molecules of crystal water, can absorb a lot of heat, reduce the temperature, it can be used as flame retardant in  polyethylene, polypropylene, epoxy resin, polyester, PVC and other plastics .Its flame retardant effect is good, reference dosage 40 ~ 60 quality.It can also be used for waterproof fabric, paper filler, toothpaste friction agent, printing acid pulp preparation and ink thickening, etc.Aluminum hydroxide dry gel used in medicine as an antacid, can neutralize gastric acid and protect the ulcer surface, used for gastric acid hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease.

4. Basic ingredients for powder cosmetics.Used as toothpaste friction agent, it is a toothpaste abrasive with moderate friction.It can also be used as a spreading agent for glass enamel, as a filler and thickener for printing inks and pigments, and as a paper filler.

5.Used in medicine to make acid and neutralize stomach acid.Aluminum hydroxide gel is suitable for duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and hyperacidity.

6. Analytical reagent, gravimetric determination of potassium content of potash fertilizer,Adsorbent,Emulsifier, Aluminium salt synthesis.