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Application of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in PVC and PP
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an inexpensive polymer material that is easy to process. However, it burns a lot of smoke, decomposes toxic and corrosive gases, and is suffocating, which is the main cause of death in fire. The application of aluminum hydroxide to PVC effectively overcomes the above disadvantages.

The surface treated aluminum hydroxide can also significantly reduce the smoke density of the plastic, and the mechanical properties of the material have little effect. It is an excellent flame retardant and smoke suppressant in the range of 20-30 parts. Has broad application prospects.


     (1) Aluminum hydroxide has obvious flame retardant and smoke-eliminating effects in polypropylene (PP). As the amount of aluminum hydroxide increases, its oxygen index rises linearly, while the burning rate and smoke emission decrease significantly.

     (2) The smaller the particle size of aluminum hydroxide, the better the flame retardancy and the less adverse effect on mechanical properties.

     (3) Surface treatment of aluminum hydroxide with an effective activator is an indispensable part of the application of aluminum hydroxide in polypropylene. The effect of activated aluminum hydroxide on the flame retardancy and mechanical properties of PP is significantly less than that of aluminum hydroxide which has not been activated.

     (4) Aluminium hydroxide can be used in combination with a phosphorus-based or halogen-based flame retardant to improve flame retardancy.