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Application of Aluminum Hydroxide
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Aluminum hydroxide can be used to produce alumina products.

Used for the production of aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aluminum sulfate and other inorganic salts.

Used for manufacturing all kinds of flame retardants, waterproof fabrics, ink, glassware, paper fillers, roller skids and other supplies.

Aluminum hydroxide colloidal solution has a great adsorption ability, which can adsorb or combine with it to fix the chroma to the cotton fiber. It is used as mordant in the dye industry.

Aluminum hydroxide is used as a water purifier because it can cement the turbidity in water and precipitate.

Medicinal aluminum hydroxide has a long history as an antacid, which can resist acid, absorb, stop bleeding locally and protect the ulcer surface, etc. The effect is slow and lasting, but the effect is weak.It is often used as a drug to neutralize gastric acid and is an effective component of gastric shuping.

Industrial uses of aluminium hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide has crystalline and amorphous forms, and is mainly used in monoclinal -AL (OH)3.Aluminum hydroxide is an additive flame retardant with a reference amount of 40 ~ 140, suitable for epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, acrylate resin, polyurethane, polychloroethylene, polybutadiene rubber, etc.It can also be used as catalyst carrier.It releases crystal water at 200℃ :

2Al(OH)3 -- Al2O3 plus 3H2O

Heat absorption during decomposition is 1.96kj/g, which can reduce the temperature of the burning surface and play the role of flame retardant.The steam generated, will dilute the flammable gas, can capture harmful gases, reduce smoke and gas, has smoke suppression.The decomposition of aluminum hydroxide does not produce toxic gas, does not produce corrosive combustion products, good flame retardant effect, can reach UL94 V-0 grade standard, so aluminum hydroxide is a kind of efficient and inexpensive pollution-free inorganic flame retardant.As a flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide can not only flame retardant, but also prevent smoke, do not produce drops, do not produce toxic gas, therefore, get more widely used, the amount of use is also increasing year by year.Scope of use: thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, coatings and building materials industries.

Aluminium hydroxide product uses:

Ordinary aluminum hydroxide: combined aluminum hydroxide fluoride, water purifier

Bayer process alumina hydroxide: fluoride, water purifier, activated alumina

High white packing aluminum hydroxide: artificial marble and artificial agate packing, toothpaste friction agent, flame retardant agent, etc

Ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide: cable, rubber and plastic, cosmetics, paper packing

Low iron aluminum hydroxide: special glass, artificial agate

Low sodium aluminum hydroxide: catalyst carrier