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Application of Alumina Ceramic Material in Automobile
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We all know that alumina ceramics have excellent comprehensive performance: high mechanical strength, high resistivity, good electrical insulation performance, high hardness, high melting point, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical stability, optical characteristics, and other good performance;The use of Al2O3 ceramics is also very wide, because the content of Al2O3 is different, its performance is different, the application  is also different.

According to alumina ceramic material has excellent comprehensive performance and a variety of outstanding, unique performance, for application in the car, it has positive significance in reducing its own weight, improving engine thermal efficiency , reducing fuel consumption and exhaust pollution, improving the car wearing parts life and intelligent function , so the alumina ceramic materials in the field of automotive industry is a very good and important material, and it is more and more widely used in automobiles.Ceramic materials have extremely important value for improving the performance of automobiles, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust pollution.

The application of alumina ceramic material in automobile engine

The alumina ceramic substrate can withstand temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius, which facilitates the development of new applications in automobiles.For example: to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engines by more than 30%, it can be said that alumina ceramics are indispensable materials.Now in gasoline engines, about 78% of the combustion energy is lost in thermal energy and heat transfer. The thermal efficiency of diesel engines is 33%, which is very superior compared with gasoline engines. However, more than 60% of the thermal energy is still lost.Therefore, in order to reduce this loss, ceramic materials with good heat insulation performance are used to enclose the combustion chamber for heat insulation, and exhaust gas turbocharger and power turbine are used to recover exhaust energy. It has been proved by tests that the thermal efficiency can be increased to 48%.At the same time, due to the use of alumina ceramic substrate, instantaneous fast starting of diesel engine will be possible.

Application of alumina ceramic materials in automotive sensors

The requirements of automotive sensors are that they can be used for a long time in the harsh environment unique to the car (high temperature, low temperature, vibration, acceleration, humidity, noise, exhaust gas), and should have the characteristics of small and light weight, good reuse, wide output range and so on.Alumina ceramic material heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and potential excellent electromagnetic, optical function, in recent years with the progress of manufacturing technology and have been fully utilized, the sensor made of alumina ceramic material can fully meet the above requirements.

Application of alumina ceramic material in automobile shock absorber

The intelligent shock absorber of high class car is developed by synthesizing the positive piezoelectric effect, inverse piezoelectric effect and electrostrictive effect of alumina ceramics.Due to the use of high sensitivity alumina ceramic element, this kind of shock absorber has the function of road recognition and self-adjustment, which can reduce the vibration caused by rough road to a minimum.

Application of alumina ceramic materials to automotive catalysts

The catalyst carrier of automobile exhaust is honeycomb cordierite ceramic coated with alumina and alumina doped with rare earth elements.Due to the poisonous carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons contained in the automobile exhaust gas, the general gasoline engine cars are installed with automobile exhaust treatment device.Alumina ceramics are widely used in the field of catalyst support because of their excellent physical and chemical properties.Assuming that about one-fifth of the vehicles in use each year need to be replaced with catalysts, the market space is huge.With the outbreak of new energy industry, especially new energy vehicles, alumina ceramic materials will play a great role in the field of new energy by virtue of their excellent physical and chemical properties.

Alumina ceramics have excellent properties, wide application range and huge market potential.China's high-tech industry is booming, high-end electronics, medical devices, aerospace and other fields , the demand for alumina ceramics is also rising, overall, China's alumina ceramics industry has a broad prospect.