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Abrasive Alumina
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Alumina is suitable for a variety of dry and wet treatment process, it can be use for  any workpiece rough surface to be polished fine, is one of the most economical and  practical  abrasive. This kind of artificial synthetic abrasive with sharp water-caltrop has second hardness  only after diamond, and it is especially suitable for using when the iron pollution is strictly required. For the roughest cutting, it also can be made of pebbles to apply on dealing with  workpiece with precision  sizese to make it  achieve a very low roughness. Because of its high density, Sharp, diamond structure, it is one of the fastest cutting abrasives. 

Alumina is used to make brown corundum by electrically melting high-quality bauxite, while high-quality aluminate is used to make pink corundum and white corundum. Their natural crystal structure makes them high hardness and fast cutting performance. At the same time, they are often used as the raw materials for bonding and coating abrasives.

 Alumina can be recycled many times, the number of cycles  have to do  with material grade and specific process, most of the standard abrasive blasting equipment can be used. 

Applicable Industry: Aerospace Industry, automobile industry, consumer goods processing, Casting/die Casting, OEM distributors, semiconductor industry and other different fields.

Applicable technology:  Surface electroplating, painting, glazing and polytetrafluoroethylene pretreatment;  and aluminum and  its alloy products deburring; mold cleaning; pre-treatment before metal blasting; dry and wet grinding; precision optical refraction; minerals, metals, grinding of glass and crystals;  Glass Engraving and paint additive.

是最经济实惠的磨料之一。这种尖锐有菱角的人工合成磨料具有仅次于金刚石的硬度,尤其适合对铁质污染有严格要求时使用。用于最粗糙的切割,也可制成卵石形对尺寸精密的工件进行处理,来达到极低的粗糙度。由于它的高密度、尖锐、菱 角结构,因此它是最快速的切割磨料之一。