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Aluminum Hydroxide For Industry Applications
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As a new inorganic flame retardant, Aluminum Hydroxide has the characteristics of halogen-free, low-smoke, non-toxic, anti-drip and filling. It is mainly used for rubber, plastics, paints, adhesives and other polymer materials to eliminate smoke and flame retardant. It can also be used as filling materials in building boards, artificial marble, paper and other products.

Aluminum hydroxide is the most widely used inorganic flame retardantas a flame retardant not only can prevent flame retardant, and can prevent smoke, do not produce drops, do not produce toxic gas, therefore, more widely used, the amount of use is increasing year by year .Scope of use: low smoke halogen free cable materials, silicone rubber, thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, synthetic rubber, paint, rubber insulation materials and building materials and other industries.

Concrete could not be produced without aluminum hydroxide. On the stage of production of concrete aluminum hydroxide is added to cement. It is also very useful because cement with aluminum hydroxide addition dries rapidly if it is being exposed to heat. Ceramics and glass of both industrial and home application is manufactured using aluminum hydroxide. The most useful feature of aluminum hydroxide when it is added to glass consists in the fact that it makes glass heat-resistant. It is possible because, as have been already mentioned, aluminum hydroxide is not flammable and has high melting point. Aluminum hydroxide combined with polymers appears to be a very good fire retardant.