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What factors affect the price of aluminum hydroxide
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What factors affect the price of aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide is a kind of material often used in industrial production. Many companies buy this kind of material in bulk. But there are many manufacturers of aluminum hydroxide, and the price difference is also large. What factors will affect the price of aluminum hydroxide? The following aluminum hydroxide manufacturers will give you a brief introduction.

Influencing factor 1: quality problems. When the manufacturer is producing, due to the mistakes in the production process, the quality of products may be defective, the price of such products will be relatively low, and there will be other uses. And the price of high-quality products will be higher, which can be used in many fields.

Influence factor 2: different granularity, different manufacturers will have some differences in the process of production and perfection, so the product granularity will be different, so the price will be different.

Third, different regions have different demand for high-temperature alumina, and demand is also a major factor affecting its price. The high-quality high-temperature alumina must be judged from whether the particle size is uniform, whether the whiteness is up to the standard and so on. In order to better meet the use demand, the selection must be determined by combining various factors.

The above are the factors influencing the price of aluminum hydroxide. When purchasing aluminum hydroxide, the product quality, granularity and sales area are different, and the product price has a certain gap. We should carefully identify them when purchasing.