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Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminium Hydroxide Powder With High Purity And High Whiteness

High Purity Aluminum Hydroxide Powder quality indicators: ATH Additive appearance is white, PH value of 6.5 ± 0.5; High whiteness High Purity ATH Powder Reference: Precipitated Aluminium Hydroxide in the PVC products to add 3-4 copies, in accordance with national standards for testing, the surface resistance is less than 3 × 108 (Ω / CM). This product has a flash point of ≥ 200 ºC; High Purity Micron Aluminum Hydroxide Powder Features: This product in PVC, can adapt to different process conditions, good stability, good compatibility of High Purity Micron ATH Additive, washable, and the amount of small, Fine Particle High Purity ATH Powder antistatic effect Stable and lasting; Micron Powder Aluminium Hydroxide Uses: aluminum hydroxide powder as an additive antistatic agent, extrusion method, coating method and mixing method for anti-static treatment, mainly for PVC and a variety of polymer materials, Applicable to 235 ºC below the processing conditions