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Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminum Hydroxide's Multiple Functions



Aluminum hydroxide has multiple functions such as flame retardant, smoke suppression and filling, and it can produce a synergistic flame retardant effect with various substances. It has become an important environmentally friendly flame retardant in industries such as electronics, transportation, plastics and rubber. With the development of the emerging material industry and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, its usage and application range are getting larger and larger, and more stringent requirements are put forward on product quality and performance.


1. Chemical raw materials: Because aluminum hydroxide can be produced on a large scale, the raw materials are sufficient, the product purity is high, and it is easily soluble in acid and alkali. Therefore, aluminum hydroxide is an important raw material for preparing aluminum salts, such as barium aluminate and aluminum sulfate.

2. Flame retardant: Aluminum hydroxide powder is usually regarded as an ideal raaw material  for plastics, unsaturated polyester, rubber and other organic polymers because of its filling, flame retardant, smoke suppressing functions and non-toxic and harmless.