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Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminum Hydroxide Application

ItemApplication H-WF-1 Lowsmokenon-halogenfireretardantcablecompound(insulator)siliconerubber,thermoplastic,thermosetplastic,pigment,coatingandbuildingindustry,etc H-WF-3Lithiumbattery,copper-cladplate...


Item Application
H-WF-1 Low smoke non-halogen fire retardant cable compound(insulatorsilicone rubber,thermoplastic,thermoset plastic,pigment,coating and building industry, etc
H-WF-3 Lithium battery, copper-clad plate, Rubber insulation board, Rubber products
H-WF-5 Silicone rubber, Pigment etc.
H-WF-8 Leather, Plate, Plastic etc.
H-WF-10 Fibergalss, insulation board, Unsaturated polyester resin, Water based damping coating, Inorganic filler flame retardant, conveyor belt, Mold release agent,Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate
H- WF-15  Thermosetting plastic, Artificial marble,AluminumplasticDiamond wire cutting board etc.
H-WF-25 Artificial marble, Sanitary ware etc.
H-WF-75 Artificial marble, Composite board etc.
H-WH-100 Glass, Aluminum-plastic panel, Accelerating agent etc.